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The Lake House

Whether you're in love with the one you have or craving for one, the truth is we all love that relaxed look & feel that almost immediately takes us into a vacation kind of mood...

Beach Chic, American Coastal, however you want to call it, you can easily bring into your home that breezy, relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel like summer all year long... So let's take a look at some of the interior design elements that will help you achieve that:

Colour Palette:

White is a key element to the coastal colour palette. Other neutrals such as shades of cream, beige and very light blues can come into play. As accent colours, bolder hues of reds, yellows, greens or blues can help invoke that nautical feel and add energy to the overall design.


Home furnishing choices are all about comfort and natural materials: wood, natural fibers, stone, and glass. Mix rough surfaces with clean, glossy ones, reclaimed materials with newer, modern looks. For the finishing touches, incorporate rocks, shells, sand, a collection of antiqued bottles...


Think natural textures: linens, cotton, muslin. When it comes to patterns, stripes are definitely a favourite for larger pieces of furniture while nautical-themed prints can be featured on toss cushions and smaller accents such as benches and ottomans.

And here are some visuals... To put it all in perspective. 

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Until next time.

 Adore your home...

  *Photo credits: Pinterest ; Style At Home


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