• Entryway and Foyer - 10 Eclectic Designs To Inspire
  • Lora Lihet

Entryway and Foyer - 10 Eclectic Designs To Inspire

Got lost on Pinterest again... Working on a design concept for a client and, between you and I, I drifted in the beautiful world of interior design. This time it was the entryway that got me to dream. For my twin souls out there - you know exactly what I mean when I say I was deeply buried under - God knows how many - levels of 'related pins'. 

So I figured it'd be nice to share with the world my top ten picks for eclectic designs... Here we go, in no particular order. It would have been really hard to make that decision. ;-)


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Until next time.

 Adore your home...

  *Photo credits: Pinterest ; Luxe Interior + Design

  • Lora Lihet

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