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The White Kitchen - Design tips and Inspiration

White kitchens... despite grey's (with all its 50 shades - couldn't resist) attempt to catch it all, white is still a popular choice when redesigning a kitchen. But is white really just white? The answer to that question, my friends, is Absolutely not!

White is never just white and not all whites were created equal and will make the perfect choice for you kitchen. There's cool whites and there's warm whites... and then there are the undertones: blue, green, purple, peach, grey... the list is long. :) Not to worry though, help is here. You'll find below some decorating tips when working with a white kitchen as well as 6 favourite shades of white that will make the decision process so much easier. 

Decorating tips:

  • White pairs really well with natural wood finishes for a warm & cozy look or dark wood finishes for a crisp, modern look.
  • Hardware and other metal accents can also contribute to a warm (gold, copper) vs. crisp (stainless steel, silver, black) feel.
  • If your floors are also white, an area rug will help ground & define the space

Designer-picked shades of white for your kitchen:

(House Beautiful - click on the image to read the full article). 

    And, of course, some visual inspiration from Pinterest:

    Who can resist a white kitchen??? For more interior decor and design ideas, tips and inspiration, follow @bohemiarealty:

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