Shipping to the U.S.


The default currency is CA$. You can change the currency to $US from the drop box located at the top of the page, beside the Canadian and US flags. 

If you choose to change the currency to $US, please note that all prices shown in US$ are calculated automatically using the going exchange rate. Also note that your purchase will be based on CA$ (your credit card will be charged the total amount in $CAD) and that your bank or credit card company may work with a different exchange rates.

Please note the prices listed do no include custom and brokerage fees.

Shipping Rates

We ship to anywhere within continental US for a flat shipping rate, as listed below:

  • Orders under $400 - $49.99
  • Orders over $400 -  $79.99

Most orders will ship within 48 hours but may take up to three weeks to arrive, depending on your location. Upon receipt of your order you will receive an email confirmation with more details on the estimated date of arrival of your purchase.

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