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Decorating with colour 101

Colour has the power to transform your decor, regardless of whether you're going through a complete renovation or just refreshing some of the accent pieces in the room.

How much colour should you use? There's really no rule when it comes to how much colour you could (or should) use in a room. It all depends on how much YOU love colour.

Lets take a close look at the some inspiring designs featuring beautiful colour palettes and what makes them a great example on how to use colour in a room.

In the first few images, colour was used as an accent in a neutral room. Notice how the accent colours used work really well, not only with the neutral colours in the room but with each other. Also notice the repetition of colour in accents and wall art - each colour is used multiple times. 

Design tip: when using colour as an accent in a neutral room, it's not only more pleasing to the eye, but also easier to work with two or three accent colours, as opposed to just one. Keeping in mind that metals finishes can act as an accent colour.

In an open-space concept, colour can be used to tie in two distinct areas, as demonstrated in the image below.

The following three interior design examples feature colour on the sofa - the largest furniture piece in the room. Notice how in all these examples a block of solid colour (sofa) is soften by toss cushions featuring patterns on a neutral background.

Design tip: when opting for a strong colour fabric for your sofa, plain is ALWAYS better than pattern. That being said, interesting patterns can be featured in accent chairs, toss cushions or rugs...

More great room designs below... Featuring a lot of colour. The result? An energizing, bohemian decor. 

Design tip: Using a lot of colour works, as long as the colours used have something in common. For example, using just primary colours. Or shades or tints of the same colour.

And last, but not least, the bedroom design below features a bold approach to colour for a very dramatic statement.

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Until next time.

 Adore your home...

 *Photo credits: Pinterest + Cuckoo4Design + Casa.com.br


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