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5 Kitchen Design Mistakes to avoid

When it’s time for the kitchen renovation you have been planning for a while, you have the perfect opportunity to change up the look and feel of your kitchen. Here are 5 commonly-made mistakes you should avoid:

1) Improper measurements. Start with your new kitchen layout on paper. Make a simple sketch of the floor of the kitchen and add all the storage and appliances, selecting the best location and optimizing the space by keeping the measurements. Always take exact measurements and add them to the sketch in order to achieve better results. Using proper measurements will help you make the best of the space and kitchen equipment available.

2) Not arranging the right kitchen triangle. There should be an imaginary triangle between the fridge, the sink and the oven, and it should be neither too vast, nor too small. It should be just perfect to ensure the comfort and ease of the daily activities in the kitchen. You can also organize the cleaning supplies and detergents so to eliminate all the chances of spreading chemical compounds in the kitchen. You can easily determine where to place the trashcan to keep your kitchen and house clean

3) Improper kitchen decor. What this means is picking furnishing that does not match its surroundings, improperly select and install lighting, etc.

  • The kitchen island’s height should be the same as the kitchen counter top height - about 3 feet from the floor. The design of the island itself is important as well, and the distance from the other objects in the kitchen should allow for an easy flow of traffic and for easy kitchen cleaning.
  • There should be enough clearance between the ceiling and the hanging lights from the ceiling - about 31-32 inches would suffice.
  • To ensure comfortable seating, you should use chairs that offer at least 10 inches space from the seat to the top of the kitchen island. 

4) Insufficient lights. Find the optimal level between artificial and natural light. Use a dimmer switch for a smoother transition between day and night, which are usually the hours that see the most people in the kitchen.

5) Non-functional appliances. When picking appliances for the new kitchen, always pick those that don’t interfere with each other, and make a list of your needs vs. wants. Take a simple sketch with the kitchen plan and carefully pick the spot for every appliance. Pick the optimal location for a better functionality, and the location that won’t break the motion while you are cooking or cleaning. For instance, place the oven or the stove in a place with a lot of space in front of it to ensure easier opening and oven cleaning.

By avoiding these mistakes you should be able to create the perfect kitchen for your home. Just make the plan, roll up your sleeves and may the renovations begin.

Guest post written by: Megan Powell

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