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Laying Out the Design of your Child's Room

When you are ready to prepare a room for your children, it is important to truly dedicate yourself to the cause. It is an interesting endeavour - to try and design something that is not only practical, but also looks good enough for your child to like. While it is most certainly not an easy task, it is one thing you are going to love.

Designing a child’s room is not like designing any other part of your home. Unlike home cleaning, when you can apply most of the rules to any place of your home, interior design is more complicated. Having the right features in the room of your children is important for their comfort and well-being. You might need some general tips on what rules to follow when it comes to providing your little one(s) with the best room:

  • Make sure the design allows flexibility - bear in mind that your children will not always be children. At some point in time they will grow up, and they will likely want to have the design altered. Toys and lovely colors will perhaps disappear, opening space for storage of sport equipment, clothes and wall posters. As you design your children’s room, you have to keep the design flexible so that you can alter it easily at some point in the future. 

  • Go for easy maintenance - as much as you and your child would love to include a bunch of features in the room, it’s a good idea to choose with regards to further maintenance and home cleaning. It is especially important to keep the room clean and sanitized, and for this reason it should be designed in such a way to allow for easy cleaning.  

  • Discuss the design with your children - it is not you who will be residing in the room after all, it will be your children. That is why you have to discuss what they want their room to look like and what features should be included. See to it that the room design matches their interests. 

  • Decide on a theme - it is understandable if your child wants to have everything in the room. While it is most certainly possible to feature a lot in their room, it is usually a bad idea. Not only will this make home cleaning and maintenance more difficult, but also take away from the charm of having a central theme that has been expanded on.
  • Consider adequate flooring - when your children are still young, chances are they will crawl on the floor to play games with their toys. That is why you have to consider what type of floor you feature in the room. A broadloom carpet will suit just about any design you are going for and will protect your children’s knees, feet and hands. Make sure you are regular at carpet cleaning, to prevent accumulation of dust and other spoils in the area.


You and your children are certainly going to have a lot of fun designing the room. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but it needs to have character. That is a guaranteed recipe for success.

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Guest post written by: Megan Powell

*Photo credits: Pinterest

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