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Mid Century Modern

A strong presence at all Furniture & Design Shows, and the topic of the year when it comes to decorating styles, Mid-Century Modern seems to be getting a lot of attention. Why is that? Well, the way I see it, it is the result of some of the trends that have dominated the past few years:

  • A desire to blur the lines between outdoor and indoor
  • A minimalist approach to furniture design
  • Pairing rich, saturated colours in accents with warm neutrals
  • Bold patterns
  • and last, but most certainly not least, the statement pendant/chandelier

And it's no coincidence that all of the above points are characteristics of the Mid Century style as it took shape in the middle of the 20th century (1940-1970).

The modern interpretation of Mid Century style is dominated by an eclectic approach. How can you create this look in your home? Here are some decorating tips and, of course, some visuals from our very own best friend - Pinterest.

  • Shop for furniture with clean lines - there's an abundance of it available
  • Definitely buy that statement chandelier - it will become a conversation piece fast
  • Bring in accents featuring bold geometric patterns (toss cushions, throws)
  • Bring in natural elements, such as wood, crystals, rocks (accent tables, decorative objects...)
  • Decorate with house plants (trending: cacti, succulents...)

An now for some visuals:




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 Adore your home...

  *Photo credits: Pinterest

  • Lora Lihet
  • Decorating 101Interior DesignTrends

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