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2016 Living Room Trends

Still on the topic of trends... This time it's the living room that's getting all the attention. So, what's new? On one hand we have the simplicity and functionality of a Nordic Design while, at the other end of the spectrum, we have the artistic, eclectic interpretation of a Bohemian approach. And, what's standing out more than in past years, it's a personal touch or interpretation of all styles. Kinda claiming that space your own. Do you see it, too? Any of these trends catching your attention, enough to make them part of your home's decor?

1. Nordic Design

2. Grey Tones Hardwood Floors

Despite all predictions (or hopes), grey, and all grey tones, are just gaining more ground and seem to be the go-to neutral for any application. As a trend we see more grey tones in flooring and, at times, in a combination with another emerging trend - herringbone patterns.


3. Folk infusion and Bohemian vibes

Souvenirs from traveled places. Handmade products. Vivid patterns. The occasional DIY piece. . . Each piece with it's own,unique story.

4. House plants

The revival of the house plant speaks to our desire to get closer to nature and minimize the barrier between indoor and outdoor. Bring the outdoors, indoor.. Bring the indoor, outdoors... the line becomes blurry... Trending: Cacti & Succulents as well as big foliage plants.

5. A Personal Touch

Interiors that reflect individual interest and a wide variety of styles.

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Until next time.

 Adore your home...

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