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Living Room Designs - Our Top 10 Pinterest Pins

Hello Internet Friends,

Through this post I would like to answer a question that I get quite often: 'Where should I start my decorating project?'

Answer: with an image that inspires you. And, as you all know by now how I feel about Pinterest, i will be more specific. You should start your search for inspiration right there, on Pinterest! 

There are so many inspiring designs that I come across on a daily basis, by so many talented people! To help you filter through that sea of inspiration, I will be sharing, on a more regular basis, my top ten picks for different spaces within or around The Home. For each design element that caught my attention and got me to love that space, I will include a few images with that one element in common but with very different design outcomes.

Today's space: The Living Room.

Get ready to be inspired! And, if you manage to find the time ;-), I would love to hear your comments!

For the first four images, I love the graphic details. Simple or complex geometric shapes, a neutral colour palette and a touch of boldness.

                                                                    by Noha Hassan, New York

                                                                   Image: Pinterest/ Etsy.com


                                                     Image: Pinterest/ Maisons du Monde


                                                                    Image: Pinterest/Bloglovin

The next four images: great examples of what high contrast can do in a space. Everything stands out in it's particular way, like a piece of art. Crisp.

                                                        Image: Pinterest/ Weheartit.com

                                                 Image: Pinterest/ liliinwonderland.fr

                                                                  Image: Habitissimo


                                                              Image: Pinterest/ Stylizimo

And for the last three images, I believe it's pretty clear what caught my attention: the perfect use of colour.  (and, yes, if you were keeping count, we are up to 11 pins. lol)

                                                          Image: Pinterest/sfgirlbybay.com

                                           Image: Pinterest/ www.daniellenelisse.com

                                                                 Image: Pinterest/ TopDreamer

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Until next time.

 Adore your home...


Please note that the images featured in this article are all curated from Pinterest with the intent to provide visual inspiration to the reader. If you foresee a conflict with the use of any of the above images, please let us know and we will remove it immediately. Thank you.

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