• Lighting 101 - How To Select The Right Lighting Fixture For Your Bathroom
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Lighting 101 - How To Select The Right Lighting Fixture For Your Bathroom

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We're still on the topic of lighting. One room at a time. This time is THE BATHROOM. If you missed my other posts with lighting tips for the Living RoomDining Room and Entryway/Foyer, just click on the the links.

Now, back to the bathroom: when it comes to lighting, it's almost unanimous that's the one area in the house where most people are trying to stick with basic options, hoping to save some budget dollars that can later be spent on lighting for the living room, dining room, etc. 

But, as the bathroom is no longer just about functionality and has evolved into a place to relax, rewind, get creative ?;-) and recharge, bathroom lighting deserves some prime attention.

So let's look at each lighting option and the role it plays in the big scheme of things.

Overhead lighting

If your bathroom ceiling allows that's where an absolute statement can be made with a grand chandelier. As shown below... 

If you're dealing with the standard ceiling height, a semi-flushed option will still make a great impression.

Wall lighting

Wall lights are very important, especially  on the wall where your mirror will reside, as overhead lighting will cast shadows on your face, making daily grooming very difficult.

Sconces, on each side of the mirror, are the the best option (if the layout allows, of course).

Or, ceiling lighting on each side of the mirror as featured in the image below.

One lighting fixture above the the mirror also works. There are some things you need to take into consideration though:

  • The width of the fixture needs to be a minimum of  2/3 of the mirror's width
  • The thickness of your mirror frame - make sure it's not blocking the light


Recessed Lighting

Great for the shower area or as overhead general lighting in the bathroom.

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 Adore your home...

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