• Decorating 101 - Selecting a Colour Scheme in two easy steps
  • Colour SchemeDecorating 101Interior Design

Decorating 101 - Selecting a Colour Scheme in two easy steps

You're looking for the right colours to complement your space. 

Not sure where to start? Where everything starts: your heart.

Look around your space and find that one thing that makes you smile every time you lay your eyes on it. Something you absolutely love. It could be a beautiful rug. A colourful toss cushion you picked up at a flea market. Or that stunning photo from your last vacation. Any of these items could be a great place to start.

And that's step one: finding something you love to become your source of inspiration. 

Step two: use your source of inspiration to select 4-6 colours. 2-3 neutral colours and 2-4 accent colours.

Check out the example below, where the rug became the inspiration for the colour scheme. Two neutral colours were selected: White was selected as the main colour for the walls. Grey for the largest piece of furniture - the sofa. Black, Red and Copper were selected as accent colours for the smaller pieces of furniture, lighting and other accents in the room.


Here's another example: finding inspiration in a photo...  


Or a painting... we used one of the paintings available on our website. It's funky and upbeat and it inspires us. We pulled 6 colours from it for a clean, modern colour palette. 

The images above show how you can draw colours for your home from things and places you love.  For more "colour scheme" inspiration explore our "Colour Palettes" board on Pinterest.

If you have any questions, or need advice in selecting the colour scheme for your space, send me a quick note here. Would love to hear from you. 

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 Adore your home...

 *Photo credits: Pinterest

  • Colour SchemeDecorating 101Interior Design

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