• DECORATING 101: Defining the Focal Point
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DECORATING 101: Defining the Focal Point

A very important part, when designing or decorating a space, is properly identifying and working with the focal point of that space. So, what is a focal point ? A focal point is that one element in the room that immediately draws your attention.

Some spaces are blessed with natural focal points such as a fireplace, large windows, or a strong architectural feature. 

If your space doesn't have a natural focal point, one of your furniture pieces (usually the largest) will take that role. In most cases, for a living room area, that role is taken on by the sofa. 

Here are some great examples from Pinterest, featuring different layout scenarios. What they all have in common is a statement-making, well-defined focal point.

In this first image, a focal point is created through the use of an oversized painting. Bold and eye-catching.

Fireplace as the focal point: a strong colour contrast is use to create drama and visual impact.

There’s no doubt about it! A great sectional and a dramatic gallery wall make a strong statement as the focal point of this room.

Focal wall with fireplace: In the example below, all the seating is arranged around the focal wall; that features a modern wood-burning fireplace and wall openings to store logs for visual interest. 

Large window as the focal point: A low-back sectional does not take one bit away from the beautiful view. The warm accent colours, the bird-print toss cushions and the natural wood tones further speak to the design theme.


An exposed-brick wall as the focal point: the warm patina and texture of the brick wall is juxtaposed by the clean lines of the sectional. The result? A beautiful, welcoming space.

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*Photo Credits: Pinterest; Style at Home

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