• Sofa or sectional? - 5 easy steps to find out
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Sofa or sectional? - 5 easy steps to find out

Shopping for a sofa is no easy task and the multitude of choices available today can add to its complexity and create confusion. But it doesn't have to  be like that. Here's a list of 5 questions I usually ask my clients to answer prior to going shopping. And, from our trusted friend, Pinterest, loads of visuals for inspiration.

Q1: Where will your sofa go? What shape? What size?

Answering this question will provide important information on the size and the shape of your future purchase.  Apartment size vs standard size. Straight line vs Curved vs L-shaped. Make measurements and have those measurements with you when you shop.

Good to know: Apartment sofas range from 72" to 81". Standard-size sofas range from 82" to 89". Design tip: L-Shaped sofas are perfect for smaller spaces, allowing you to keep the same number of seats (as in a sofa-chair or sofa-loveseat configuration) without visually overwhelming the space.

Image: Home Adore

Image: hello.sukio.com

Image:  Stylish Home Decor

Q2: How will it be used? LOOK + COMFORT LEVEL

To watch TV? Play video games? Sleepovers? When hosting a party (formal setting)? That's how you'll learn about the level of comfort needed and the sturdiness of the frame construction. A tailored, firm look vs a casual, plush look and feel. Seating construction plays an important part.

Good to know: A spring construction offers a stronger seat. Design Tip: A tight back sofa will provide more of a tailored look while a loose back-cushions sofa will definitely convey a casual feel. 

Tight back sofa; Image: Roger + Chris

Image: Heytherehome.com

3: Who is going to use it? And how will it be used?

If messy hands and lots of snacks are on the agenda, you may want to steer away from linens and look into stain-resistant and even outdoor fabric applications. Such as Sunbrella fabrics which are gaining popularity for indoor use and are a breeze when it comes to cleaning. Treated leather is also a good option for a sofa that will be seeing a lot of traffic and action.  

Good to know: When looking for the right fabric it is important to know if it wrinkles easily or stretches. Fabrics that wrinkle easily are a great choice for a casual look but you should avoid them if you're after a more formal approach. When it comes to leather, stretching is part of the package so even a tailored look will end up looking more casual in time.  

 Image: Pinterest, theultralinx.com

Image: Sunbrella

Q4: What style, construction would best answer your needs? 

Test different styles to make the right decision. Do you like to put your fit up? Lay down on the sofa?  

Good to know: If you like to sit with your legs curled up, consider a deeper sofa. It will feel more comfortable.

Image: Theneotrad.com

Image: Pinterest, Venus Sofa


Image: By Koket

Photo: Coco Lapine Design

Q5: What about colour choice? Neutrals? Bold hues? With a pattern? Plain? 

Whether you're looking for an apartment sofa or a standard-size, a sofa is, in most case scenarios, the largest furniture piece in the space. So, when you decide on a colour or pattern, take your time and make sure you have no doubt. There will be no way to hide or ignore your newest addition.

Design Tip: A strong colour or pattern can become tiring on such a large item. Colour or pattern can be easily introduced through toss cushions or an accent chair. This way, if you do get tired, it is a lot easier and less expensive to replace.

Image: The Every Girl

 Photo: Dekoryasam

 Image: Paula Neder

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Until next time.

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