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The Kitchen Reno - 5 commonly made mistakes

The big kitchen renovation you have been planning for... In most case scenarios a love-hate situation, right? Well, it doesn't have to be this way. Here's a short list of 5 commonly-made (and most likely costly) mistakes you can avoid so there will be only LOVE surrounding the finished result of your kitchen renovation.

1) Improper measurements and layout Start with your new kitchen layout on paper. It's the most important step in a kitchen renovation. Make a simple sketch of the floor of the kitchen and add all the storage and appliances you will need, selecting the best location to optimize the use of space. If measuring and laying it all out on paper is not your thing, hire an interior designer. Costs for floor plans go as low as $350. Definitely worth the investment.

2) Forgetting the kitchen triangle. There should be an imaginary triangle between the fridge, the sink and the oven, and it should be neither too vast, nor too small. It should be just perfect to ensure the comfort and ease of the daily activities in the kitchen. Here are several possible scenarios.

3) Improper dimensions and placement of the kitchen island:

  • The height of your kitchen island should be the same as the kitchen counter top height. 
  • The design and placement of the island itself is very important and the distance from the other cabinets/walls should allow for an easy flow of traffic.
  • To ensure comfortable seating, you should use counter-height stools/chairs that offer at least 10 inches space from the seat to the top of the kitchen island. 

4) Insufficient lighting. Find the optimal level between artificial and natural light. Here the help of a designer is again very beneficial and lighting could be a requirement when producing the floor plan.  A combination of pot lights, pendants and/or chandelier is recommended, The use of a dimmer switch will ensure a smoother transition between day and night. 

5) Non-functional appliances. When choosing your appliances, always make a list of your needs vs. wants.  Pick their optimal location for best efficiency and functionality while cooking or cleaning. 

By avoiding these mistakes you should be able to create the perfect kitchen for your home. May the renovations begin. ;-)

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