• The Perfect Flooring - Area Rugs vs. Wall-to-Wall Carpet
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The Perfect Flooring - Area Rugs vs. Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Ever wondered what would be the perfect setting for your floor? Should you opt for area rugs that will allow for your hardwood flooring to be admired?  Or should you simply cover the whole floor with a carpet and think no more of it? What are the pros and cons of having either an area rug or a carpet? Let’s see:


    • They bring in visual interest with colours, patterns, and textures
    • Area rugs help define a space and pull the elements of a design concept together
    • They give you the ability to change often, as you update your décor
    • Versatile, can be moved from room to room
    • Area rugs are not attached to the floor which makes their cleaning process much simpler, takes less time, and the maintenance of your floors will be overall an easy task. Plus they are a better choice if dust/mites allergies are an issue.


    • Rugs can cause people to trip or slip on their edges.
    • Rugs will only cover part of your flooring - if you like to walk barefoot on soft warm textures, carpet may be the better option for you.
    • During floor cleaning, you will have to swap between rug cleaning and mopping – not that hard, but it still extends the process a bit.



      • Wall-wall carpets provide a unified look that easily complements a variety of decorating styles
      • It’s warm and cozy, providing a more comfortable area to walk on; especially during winter months
      • Attached/glued to the floor, wall-to-wall carpets will not present any tripping/slipping hazards


      • Difficult and costly to clean
      • Carpet wears out unevenly - areas with higher traffic will wear out more. If you need to replace those areas you will end up with a patched look, or you will have to consider changing the entire surface which can become very costly.
      • If you decide to move, your wall-to-wall carpet must be left behind
      • Carpets do require more maintenance than rugs - daily use of the vacuum cleaner is almost mandatory - and if they get stained (something natural if you have pets or kids) you may have to hire professional carpet cleaners.


    Choosing between area rugs and wall-to-wall carpet will involve finding the right balance between your family needs and the overall look and feel yo are trying to create for your home. Taking the time to understand the pros and cons of each option will help you make the best choice for your home.

    Guest post written by: Megan Powell

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    *Photo credits: Pinterest, Marja Photography


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