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Decorating 101 - Make a strong first impression


- a much needed balance between Function and, as it is your first opportunity to make a strong impression, Style.

Here are some great examples of spaces that are bound to make a first great impression while providing functionality to the home owners.


Furniture with simple lines, a refined-industrial coat hanger and warm accent colours and textures make this entrance stand out.

Below you'll find another great example of a minimalist approach where, due to lack of space, a floating shelf provides functionality without overwhelming the space visually. Visual interest was then added with the art display on the opposite wall.


A modern, bold approach offering loads of storage without sacrificing style. Attention was paid to the smallest of details when decorating.

A toned-down approach, compared with the image above, but still featuring bold colours and a clean, modern design.

Even with very little space available, a functional, welcoming result was achieved in the image featured below.


Streamed down, classic shapes create a crisp, inviting vignette, soften by the potted orchid and the green decorative ball.

In the image below, a more dramatic result is achieved with a heavily carved mirror frame, elegant furniture silhouettes and bold, energizing yellow accents.


A casual rug, warm wood finishes, industrial chic pendants and a heavily marked presence of people (toys, cloths, boots, purse, etc all out in the open) give this entry a relaxed, casual look.

A more minimalist approach in the setting below but still conveying the same relaxed, country look.


A mix of old and new, rough and smooth, functionality and style make for two different outcomes: a vintage-rustic look in the first image and a Scandinavian chic design in the second image.

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