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Decorating 101 - BOHEMIAN (BOHO) CHIC

B O H E M I A N   C H I C

Whomever came up with the say 'less is more when decorating', was definitely not thinking Bohemian. Lots of colour, an abundance of patterns, textures, beads and feathers, plus a variety of metal and wood finishes and there you have it. Bohemian style.

And there are, oh, so many directions one can take Bohemian to:

A toned down, elegant approach

Of Moroccan influence 

An eclectic mix of various styles

Hippie Chic

Vintage/ Rustic 

And now 'la pièce de résistance' for those of you that are not so sure they can make it on a daily basis in an environment that's, visually, so overwhelming. YES, you can achieve a Bohemian look and feel even with an achromatic (black, white and various shades of grey) colour scheme.

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