• 50 Shades of White
  • Lora Lihet

50 Shades of White

White: Fresh. Clean. Simple yet Sophisticated. 

From Modern interiors, to Classic, to Minimalist, to Scandinavian, the possibilities are endless. And anything but boring. 

A versatile colour, white works well within any style and colour palette.

  • Combine various shades of white with natural materials and textures for a Scandinavian look.
  • Mix it with soft blues and reclaimed woods for a Beach Chic feel or add antiqued pieces and plaids and you got yourself a Modern Farmhouse style space
  • Pair white with blush and mirrored surfaces for a Feminine touch 
  • Combine it with black and gold for a sharp impact and you got Classic Elegance
  • and the list goes on...

White also fits perfectly well in any room in the house. Kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom... the choice is yours. Check out the beautiful interiors featured below for some visual inspiration:

hImage credit: Pinterest/bloglovin.com

Image credit: Pinterest/homestolove.com.au

Image credit: Pinterest/buyerselect.com

Image credit: Pinterest/ decorlovin.com

Image credit: Pinterest/ moercar.com

Image credit: Pinterest/ homestolove.com.au

Image credit: Pinterest/ mydomainhome.com.au

Image credit: Pinterest/ mylittlething.com

Image credit: Pinterest/ casavogue.globo.com

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 Adore your home...

Disclaimer: the images featured in this article are all curated from Pinterest with the intent to provide visual inspiration to the reader. If you foresee a conflict with the use of any of the above images, please let us know and we will remove it immediately. Thank you.


  • Lora Lihet

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