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Serge Mouille, an interior design icon + my favourite light fixture designs

While performing my usual (close to daily) exploration on Pinterest, I came across the image below and was suddenly reminded how much I love Serge Mouille's light fixtures. 

The urge to share my excitement took over and here I am... Writing about my absolute favourite light fixture designs and the amazing genius behind them. 

Born and raised in beautiful Paris, Serge Mouille was an Industrial Designer and goldsmith best known for his large, angular, insect-like wall mounted and standing lamps. 

After earning a diploma in silversmithing he opened his own shop in 1945 with the intent of producing silverware utensils. 

He only started designing lighting fixtures in 1953.  His designs stand out primarily for their minimalistic look and the use of uniformly black painted metal materials. 



The wall-mounted light fixtures featured below are as much a work of art as they are a source of illumination. A typical example of his stunning and highly functional designs.


Suffering  from tuberculosis, Serge Mouille was forced to stop his work in 1958 and undergo treatment. Production of his light fixtures stopped definitively in 1961.

While his work was abruptly interrupted and we were left with less than 8 years worth of beautiful, stunning light fixture designs, his rare creations are a favorite in the world of design and a continuous source of inspiration.

If this article caught your interest and you're eager to learn more about Serge Mouille and his stunning designs, check out this website: http://sergemouille.com/bios/

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