• 5 Easy Steps to Create A Stunning Gallery Wall
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5 Easy Steps to Create A Stunning Gallery Wall

Simple or complex, gallery walls are a perfect way to make a personal statement and add visual interest to a wall. As the task can seem overwhelming at times, here are five easy steps that will take the guessing out of the equation and will help you create a stunning visual display. So let yourself loose and enjoy the journey. After all, it is Your Story. And it's yours to tell.

Step 1: Tell a story.

Your gallery wall can act as a unique documentary of your travels, family and personal experiences. Don't be afraid to mix and match drawings, paintings and photos, as long as you stick with a common theme, such as colour, patterns, theme etc. TIP: Mix metal art and other objects you love with your framed art to give your display an eclectic personality with a collected look - as featured in the images below.

Step 2: Frame your art

Frames play a very important part in your display, highlighting the art. For a clean, modern display, stick with a simple frame, same colour and style for all the art that you are about to display. TIP: For a collected-over-time look, mix new and vintage frames. Flea markets and thrift stores are a great source for low-cost, distressed frames.

Step 3: Choose the perfect layout.

Play with a few layouts on the floor until you get the layout that works best for your wall. TIP: start with 2-4 larger pieces that will become your display's focal point and build from there. When displayed on the wall, your focal point should be at eye level.

Step 4: Try it out

Using cutouts or masking tape to outline the size of each piece on the wall. It will help you visualize your display without putting any holes in the wall yet. You still have the option to tweak your display at this point.

Step 5: Hang it up!

Hang all the pieces that make your display and... Voila! Your very own Gallery Wall!

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